Viriditas Society Logo
The Viriditas Society is a global network of Earth-tenders: healers, land stewards, wisdom keepers, wellness practitioners, and community activists who intentionally collaborate with the plant kingdom for the healing of our own minds, bodies, and spirits; for the healing and wellness of our communities; and for the regenerative healing and sustained stewardship of our shared planet Earth.
Inspired by the wisdom of medieval mystic Hildegard von Bingen, who coined the term 'Viriditas' – meaning the green healing life force of the Divine that flows through the plant kingdom – we share a love of verdant sanctuaries and living water, and work with indigenous, Biodynamic, permacultural, herbal, and ethnopharmacological systems for healing and restoration.
Our initiatic society is grounded in humble action, spiritual science, ceremonial practice, and the potency of gathering and celebrating in the fellowship of community among sacred sisters and beloved brothers.
To learn more about the Viriditas Society, and to explore connecting with us EMAIL US and we will respond in due time.
Viriditas Society co-founder Aaron William Perry is the author of Viriditas: The Great Healing Is Within Our Power, and provides a meaningful contextual introduction to the society’s work.